Superfood For Skin Hair Mask 2 Scents

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  • Professional Hair Care at Home: Professional results at home with beautiful shiny hair reducing chances of breakage. -Effect comparable to a hair salon.
  • Simple & Comfortable Use: Simply wear the pre-moistened hair cap! The hair cap is made with Cotton textured elastic Fabric which is stretchable, so it comfortably fits for all hair types.
  • Breathable Easy-to Use Third Generation Hair Cap: The hair cap wicks away moisture with its superior breathability and does not leave skin sticky and sweaty. The expandable cap that feels like pure cotton will keep skin comfortable even without a sticker to hold hair. It is scientifically designed for hair to fully absorb hair essence inside by protecting it from leaking or drying out.
  • Direction to use: 1. Wash hair and gently towel dry hair. 2. Remove the adhesive label. Then start by putting the narrow side of the mask on your forehead. 3. Get all your hair into the mask. 4. Gently massage the mask to apply the nourishing essence through hair. 5. After Minutes, take off the mask and completely rinse it out with lukewarm water.