Innerest Portable Mini Cup Humidifier Cool Mist

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  • Portable mini Humidifier for a single room. office, car and etc.,
  • Box include; *Option Magic Cup: 1 Humidifier, 1 USB line, 1 Manual, 2 Cotton // *Option 2 Eggshell: 1 Humidifier, 1 USB line, 1 Manual, 2 Cotton
  • Instruction: Counter clockwise to open upper cover, Fill with water into water tank, Close the top by clockwise rotation. Plug the USP Cable. Press the switch button to turn on the light. Press it again, the light will be off.
  • Safety: Please, do not use the hard objects to contact the fog of the metal sheet, so as not to damage the atomized film. Prohibit the use of metal sprayed film, the use of essential oils or any other liquid other than water. Please, do not put the product into the water or the fire.
  • Please, read the manual before use it. Please, see listing pictures for details of each products.