Innerest Mini Aroma Diffuser Cooling Fan Personal handheld Standable

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  • Innerest Mini Personal diffuser Fan package includes 1 Fan, 1 USB cord, 1 Strap, 1 Stand, 1 Manual, 1 packet of Fragrance (2 tablets)
  • * Aroma diffuser fan: You can put a fragrance tablet into the middle of the fan by opening the middle cover. Close the cover and turn on the fan . You'll enjoy the nice smell while it's cooling you down.
  • * 3 Adjustable Speeds settings: Simply press the button repeatedly to change the mode that you feel comfortable.
  • *Rechargeable battery is built in the item. Use a micro USB cable to recharge the battery. Charging time is about 3 hours and it'll last about 1-3 hours which depends on what mode you used.
  • Warning: Do not use this product in humid atmospheres such as a bathroom. Avoid contacting with water. Do not throw it or drop it, it will impact the item and may cause malfunction. Do not disassemble, modify or repair this product arbitrarily. Do not throw this product into a fire. Do not allow children under 7 to use this product alone.