Innerest Kids Dry Bag Water Proof Resistent Backpack Sacks for camping swimming outdoor activities

Regular price $14.99

  • WATERPROOF: Provides great waterproof protection for kids belongings from water, sand, dirt and mud.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Super lightweight so it won't add any additional weights while enjoying the outdoor activities/ Sports- Kayak, hiking, fishing, Boating, swimming, camping and etc.,
  • DURABLE: Maybe it's light weignt but STRONG enough to hold/protect kids belongings from water, sand or mud etc.,
  • Adustable Strap: Padded mesh straps are going to be comfortable on the kids shoulder. It is also adjustable which will make even more comfortable for the kids to carry the bag.
  • Padded Mesh Back: Back of the backpack comes with padded mesh, so it will make feel comfortable and it's going to avoid the situation that items are poking on the back. More importantly, it will Breathable.