Innerest Digital Alarm Desk Wall Hexagon Clock Night Lights Lamp Vanity Mirror Thermometer

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  • Non-stop display flickering means insufficient power volume, immediate charging is needed. 5V DC is used in the operation of this equipment. Please, only use the equipment with proper power supply. Battery replacement with the wrong model will be an explosion hazard, be sure to follow the instructions disposed of the battery.
  • Rechargeable Alarm Clock // Makeup Mirror
  • Night Light with adjustable light levels // temperature Sensor (Convert temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit) // Date , Time and temperature switchable or display by slideshow
  • The alarm clock is required to be fully charged when used for the first time. When the power is lower than the working voltage, flickering screen shows the clock stops working and enters the protection mode. Charge the clock timely to resume work. No need to reset the time.
  • Long press the SET button to enter the set mode in a sequence of year, month, date, 24-hour mode, hour and minute; Light inthe upper left corner is on, corresponding adjustments to be done by pressing the DOWN or UP keys.
  • Accessories: USB cable, Manual // Please, read the manual for more detail.