Innerest Baby Children Night Light Nursery Breastfeeding Mood Lamp Touch Control USB Rechargeable Little Dolphin Shapes

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  • These lamps have 7 different colors of light and these will be changed by patting.
  • For the fist time use, please charge the lamp fully using USB port which is included. It will take about 2 hours. || *Rabbit: Red light will be on when it's charging and Green light will be on when it's fully charged. || *Dolphin: Light will be on when it's charging and it will be off when it's fully charged.
  • Patting: *Rabbit: Press a power switch to turn on and the light will be white. Pat it once and the color of light will be gradient. * Dolphin: When it's on the color will be white and each pat the color will be changes in Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue
  • When the light is off by patting, there is quiescent current. If do not use it in a long time, please turn if off to reduce battery damage.
  • Please, read the manual carefully before use.
  • Attention: 1. Children under 6 years old to use the product should under the adult guide. 2. Do not assemble the internal device 3. Do not squeeze it fiercely. 4. Avoid from direct sunlight and store it in a dry place. 5. Please, keep out from children avoiding the swallow of small parts. 6. If you don not use it for a long time, please store it in a dry place.