Innerest Baby Children Eggshell Night Light Nursery Breastfeeding Mood Lamp Touch Control USB Charge Battery

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  • Eggshell: For first use, please long press the top of the product for 5 second or insert in power supply for charging to activate the product.
  • Short press on the top of the product to switch on/off the light and long press head top to change brightness.
  • The light should not be placed on plane with tilt angle more than 6"
  • Source of light should bot be replaced and whole light should be replaced when life of light source is end
  • Please, read the manual before use.
  • Attention: 1. Children under 6 years old to use the product should under the adult guide. 2. Do not assemble the internal device 3. If do not use in a long time, please store in a dry place