Fresh Food For Skin Nourishing Hand Mask (Mango Nourishing)

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  • Extracts of mango, fresh food from nature, will offer concentrated nutrition, moisture and elasticity for dry, rough hands.Nutrients rich in mangoes provide long-lasting moisture and firmness.
  • An all-in-one hand mask that provides nourishment, moisturizing, and elasticity, all at once.
  • Comfortable use without constriction for excellent breathability.
  • Using smartphones possible while wearing Comfortable slim fit Non-sticky, high concentration cream-type essence
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. Dry your hands after washing them. 2. Slip the essence-filled mask over your hand the way you put on a glove. 3. Remove the mask 20-60 minutes later. Lightly pat the residual essence into your skin to encourage absorption